Decerns MCDA DE

Multi-criteria decision analysis system, which implements a variety of methods (including methods to deals with uncertainty) into a single integrated product.

Decerns SDSS

Web-based decision support system, designed to deals with a wide range of problems with multi-criteria analysis of spatial alternatives.

Decerns GIS DE

Desktop application implements the basic functions of GIS. It can be used to view and edit multi-layered spatial data in the shape file format, as well as different raster file formats.


Decerns MCDA DE new version

An updated version of DecernsMCDA (v.1.3), which takes into account the remarks and recommendations of our clients, will be released in January ...


R&D results 2016

R&Ds on development of new MCDA methods (including new methods of ranking fuzzy numbers) were presented at the following International ...


New Decerns article

New articles with DecernsMCDA and Decerns framework along with case-studies on multicriteria risk management and land-use planning were published ...


Publications on DecernsMCDA and DecernsSDSS

All publications (articles and conference papers) on DecernsMCDA and DecernsSDSS and their implementation to analysis of the Case-Studies on Risk ...